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Here you'll find a wealth of external website resource links consolidated in one place for you to browse and explore. We highlight featured, latest, and popular resources below. Navigating this large amount of content can be a challenging task. Therefore, you may want to use the Resources A-Z Index if you're having trouble finding the resources you need.


Golden Chile Application for Preschools
Golden Chile Application for K-12 Schools
Golden Chile Application for Senior Centers
Job Opportunities
Viral Respiratory Infection Dashboard
DDW Service Standards
New Mexico Health Alert Network
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Newborn Genetic Screening blood Collection presentationNewborn Genetic Screening blood Collection presentation
NBS bloodspot collection and NBS Hearing Presentation Part 1

Newborn Hearing PresentationNewborn Hearing Presentation
NBS bloodspot collection and NBS Hearing Presentation Part 2

Substance Use Epidemiology Data ReportsSubstance Use Epidemiology Data Reports
These reports present several major indicators of substance abuse in New Mexico. The major indicators include outcome indicators (e.g., major causes of alcohol-related death) and indicators of substance abuse consumption behavior (i.e., self-reported substance use behavior from statewide surveys). The presentation of each major indicator includes a text description of the major data findings; a detailed table with results by gender, age group, and race/ethnicity; a table detailing county results by race/ethnicity; a bar chart and a map with rates for each New Mexico county; and additional charts illustrating other pertinent findings.


Walk Bike to SchoolWalk Bike to School
This site covers the basics about Walk to School Day, Bike to School Day and year-round programs.

Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompActRecognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct
This is an interstate compact that recognizes the day-to-day movement of EMS personnel across state lines. It extends a privilege to practice under authorized circumstances to EMS personnel based on their home state license as well as allows for the rapid exchange of licensure history between Compact member states.

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