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Photo of the publication cover. Newborn Screening Brochure Children's Medical Services - Marketing April 1, 2010

This helpful brochure explains how genetic tests could save your baby’s life. It covers why babies need newborn screening tests, how the testing is performed, how you will get the results, why some babies need more testing, where you can ask questions, and more.

Folleto Análisis de Recién Nacidos

Photo of the publication cover. Hantavirus Prevention Pamphlet Zoonotic Diseases - Marketing January 14, 2010

This helpful pamphlet explains how to prevent Hantavirus. The steps include airing out and sealing up buildings first, trapping mice, cleaning up droppings and nests, then airing out enclosed areas. It also describes what the symptoms of Hantavirus are.

Photo of the publication cover. Dust Storms and Health Brochure Air Quality - Marketing August 26, 2009

Dust storms can cause a number of serious health problems and they can make some health problems worse. Dust is made up of tiny solid particles floating in the air. These tiny particles can get past the lungs’ natural defenses and build up. This can harm sensitive lung tissue. Of course, during severe dust storms, more dust can get into the lungs.

La Polvareda y Su Salud

Photo of the publication cover. Diarrhea Pool Posters Water Illness - Marketing May 12, 2009

This document contains Two different 8.5 x 11 posters in both English and Spanish, a total of 4 posters to print and display at public pools.

Photo of the publication cover. Healthy Swimming Brochure Water Illness - Marketing May 12, 2009

This brochure was created by the CDC and explains how to protect yourself and your family against Recreational Water Illness. It provides three simple steps for water safety, reminds people that they share pool water with everyone and that it is not drinking water, has separate sections inside for swimmers and parents, and even provides details about crypto, E. coli, and how diarrheal illness spreads.

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