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Photo of the publication cover. BWS Instructions Developmental Disabilities Waiver - Guide October 27, 2023

DDSD issued a revised Budget Worksheet (BWS) for services. This worksheet is required for all submissions: annuals and revisions. Case Managers can request current versions of the BWS from the Statewide Case Management Coordinator. Case Managers are responsible for verifying that the version date in the far upper lefthand corner is the correct version based on date.

Photo of the publication cover. DDW Existing Allocation Table Developmental Disabilities Waiver - Guide December 9, 2020

DDW Existing Allocation Table

Photo of the publication cover. DDW Case Management Monthly Site Visit Form Therap HINTS Guidance Developmental Disabilities Waiver - Guide June 24, 2019

Hints: Guidance for questions in the site visit form in THERAP.

Photo of the publication cover. DDW Case Management Monitoring Activities Instructions and Guidelines Developmental Disabilities Waiver - Guide November 28, 2018

This document provides detailed instructions and guidelines for the Case Management Monitoring Activities.