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Photo of the publication cover. EMS Dispatch & Communications EMSCOM Radio Communications Users Manual EMS Dispatch & Communications - Guide October 2, 2013

This manual is provided for the use of all services that may have occasion to use the New Mexico Emergency Medical Services Communications system. The intended purpose of the manual is to provide a basic understanding of the capabilities, proper utilization and maintenance policies of the State system. Its content specifically addresses the fundamental knowledge applicable to the emergency medical services provider rather than being an in-depth technical resource relating to system design and operation.

Photo of the publication cover. EMS Dispatch & Communications EMD Guide EMS Dispatch & Communications - Guide July 19, 2013

It provides emergency medical dispatch agencies with a guide to understanding New Mexico’s rules, regulations, and minimum standards to be met by those providing Emergency Medical services in the State of New Mexico to protect and promote the health and safety of the people. The standards in this guide include: agency certification, training, continuing education, licensure, re‐licensure, protocol use and compliance, medical direction and oversight, quality assurance, improvement, and management of emergency medical dispatch specific to this State.