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Photo of the publication cover. EMS Medical Directors Emergency Medical Systems - General July 31, 2015

This is the most current list of available medical directors throughout the state of New Mexico.

Photo of the publication cover. BSB Fee Schedule Biology - General May 18, 2015

Complete fee schedule for the scientific laboratory division's biological sciences bureau.

Photo of the publication cover. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act Historical Information Program Operations - General May 18, 2015

The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act began in the late 1960's when problems arose in the cytology laboratories that read PAP smears. The personnel in these laboratories were overworked and had a very high error rate. In 1967, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment was passed and the first laboratory regulations were born. These regulations primarily covered independent and hospital laboratories.

Photo of the publication cover. Asthma Control Program Logic Model Asthma - General May 11, 2015

The Logic Model is a Program Evaluation tool. It helps project partners see how the resources and activities of the NMACP program connect and contribute to desired health outcomes.

Photo of the publication cover. When is a Bioterrorism Agent Not a Bioterrorism Agent? Biology - General March 16, 2015

Ever since the 2001 anthrax attacks, bioterrorism has been flung into global notoriety, developing into a household term. Bioterrorism agents are microbiological organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, or toxins of biological origin, which could cause severe, potentially lethal infections in humans, or affect crops and livestock.

Photo of the publication cover. A Snapshot of Infectious Disease Testing Biology - General March 16, 2015

General information about testing for infectious diseases.

Photo of the publication cover. What's in Your Pet Food? Biology - General March 16, 2015

Usually foodborne illnesses are the result of improper handling or consumption of improperly cooked foods, and the range of pathogenic microorganisms that cause such infectious disease includes bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Many of those that are infectious to humans also affect animals, while some are mutually exclusive.

Photo of the publication cover. DDW Case Management: Decision Consultation and Team Justification Process Memo Developmental Disabilities Waiver - General March 1, 2015

DDW Case Management: Decision Consultation and Team Justification Process Memo

Photo of the publication cover. Immunization Requirements Guidance Memorandum Immunization - General February 20, 2015

This memorandum serves as a reminder to district and charter school leaders that state statutes and New Mexico Administrative Codes are in place to guide public schools in both immunization requirements and exemptions.

Photo of the publication cover. EMS TSFA Membership List EMS Committees - General January 1, 2015

This is the current membership list for the Trauma System Fund Authority.

Photo of the publication cover. Vendor Above 50% NTE Women, Infants and Children - General September 12, 2014

This document provides a reference of items, their new and current values, and status for any vendor who derives more than 50 percent of their food sales revenue from WIC food instruments.

Photo of the publication cover. Defining and Analyzing a Health Problem Health Promotion - General August 28, 2014

This is an exercise with which to practice the Assessment Process for the problem of Excessive Drinking (alcohol) for your county. You will work in groups of five persons. You may each be from different counties.

Photo of the publication cover. List of Audiologists Children's Medical Services - General August 25, 2014

A list of facilities that provide hearing testing for infants.

Newborn Hearing Screening Lista de AudiĆ³logos

Photo of the publication cover. High Achieving Governmental Health Department in 2020 Health Promotion - General August 7, 2014

Local and state health departments need to adapt and evolve if governmental public health is to address emerging health demands, minimize current as well as looming pitfalls, and take advantage of new and promising opportunities. To succeed requires a view into the future. This paper provides that vision.

Photo of the publication cover. Division of Health Improvement Organizational Structure Human Resources - General April 2, 2014

This document provides the latest organizational structure for the Division of Health Improvement.

Photo of the publication cover. Report Says Asthma Care Needs Work Asthma - General February 20, 2014

Of the nearly one in 10 New Mexicans who have asthma, more than a third of children and nearly half of adults have the disease under poor control, according to a new state Department of Health report. The chronic lung disease causes some 7,700 emergency room visits and 1,800 hospitalizations a year in New Mexico, ringing up an estimated $30 million a year in hospital charges, the report found.

Photo of the publication cover. EMS TNCF Status Reporting Percent FY13-FY14 EMS Committees - General December 17, 2013

This report presents EM resources ED status reporting percent by the Trauma Nurse Coordinator Forum for FY13-FY14.

Photo of the publication cover. EHDI Advisory Council Mission Statement Children's Medical Services - General December 13, 2013

The Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Advisory Committee is committed to the adoption of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Programs. Our goal is to facilitate the early identification, diagnosis, amplification and intervention of infants and children with hearing loss in order to maximize developmental outcomes.

Photo of the publication cover. EMS RETRACS TPIC Sample Indicators for Case Review EMS Committees - General November 27, 2013

This document provides examples of indicators for case review. Situations covered include death reviews, scene times greater than 10 minutes, length of stay in a facility for more than 2 hours prior to transfer to a tertiary care center, diversions, and emergency medical services run sheet availability on medical record within 24 hours of emergency room admission.

Photo of the publication cover. EMS RETRACS TPIC Introduction Letter EMS Committees - General November 26, 2013

Letter from the trauma systems manager introducing the trauma performance improvement committee.

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