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Medical Cannabis Program Adjustments

Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Diseases Added to Qualifying Conditions

The New Mexico Department of Health announced proposed adjustments to the Medical Cannabis Program regulations within the confines of the current statute. The Department commissioned a survey in 2013 that addressed supply of medical cannabis relative to average patient use. The results showed that average patient use is exceeding available supply.

Today, the Department announced two adjustments to the program in order to meet the needs of qualified patients.

  1. The Department is proposing to increase plant limit from 150 total plants and seedlings up to 150 mature plants and up to 300 seedlings. This will require a rule change and public comment before implementation.
  2. The Department plans to open the applications period to add up to 12 licensed-non-profit producers. There are currently 23 licensed non-profit producers. The application period will begin after the rule changes are finalized.

“We take the needs of medical cannabis patients very seriously. The Department commissioned a survey so that a decision about supply could be made based on data,” said Secretary Ward. “We now have a plan to meet current and future patient needs.”

The Department anticipates announcing proposed rule changes at a public hearing to occur sometime this spring.

Secretary Ward has accepted the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board’s recommendation to add Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease to the list of qualifying conditions to get into the program. There are now 19 qualifying conditions to become a patient.

Currently there are 10,621 patients in New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program. For more information visit the Medical Cannabis Program section of our website.

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