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Home News Don’t be haunted by cavities: Oral health tips for a happy, healthy Halloween
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Don’t be haunted by cavities: Oral health tips for a happy, healthy Halloween

SANTA FE — The New Mexico Department of Health’s Office of Oral Health (OOH) faces its biggest scare this month: Halloween candy. The upcoming October holiday is a breeding ground for cavities, also known as tooth decay, with sugar being a key factor in poor oral health. 

"Like any holiday, Halloween should be a fun way to celebrate and honor family traditions.  It's important to allow children to enjoy themselves but finding a compromise to prioritize their oral health in the short and long term, starts with healthy habits.” said Amy Sandoval, Department of Health Office of Oral Health Director. “It’s not just true for our children, but adults as well.” 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cavities that go untreated can lead to painful infections that disrupt eating, sleeping and learning. 

The OOH urges New Mexico families to enjoy Halloween safely, taking steps to safeguard their oral health.

  • Healthy dinners before sweet Halloween festivities.
  • Moderate treat consumption--don’t overindulge.
  • Drink water--staying hydrated supports your overall health, but also helps to wash away food particles and reduce acidity in your mouth caused by consuming sugary treats. 
  • Brush and floss before heading to bed.
  • Parents should supervise children brushing their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste before they go to bed. Brushing last thing at night is important as the mouth produces less saliva overnight.
  • See a dentist regularly. Scheduling regular dental visits for the entire family allows dentists to detect potential issues early and provide appropriate treatment. All family members are encouraged to visit their dentist and hygienist every six months. 

For more information about oral health for children and adults visit the CDC’s oral health page.

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