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Home News Kudos to our New Mexico Public Health Nurses!
Matt Bieber
505-470-2290 Office

Kudos to our New Mexico Public Health Nurses!


Our Public Health nurses have always led the way towards a healthy New Mexico. They live andwork in their communities; providing compassion, dedication, and an exceptional level of care. This is who they are.  

This past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting us all, their professionalism and heart shine through. Since March of 2020, our Public Health nurses show up for work day after day with enthusiasm, perseverance, and commitment to do their part to end the pandemic. They have missed out on time with their loved ones, time off to re-charge, and time for self-care. They have suffered personal loss and tragedy while still maintaining clinic programs and operations.  

This is why our Public Health nurses are the heartbeat of Public Health and why it is such an honor to work alongside them every day. Thank you for all you do for your clients, communities, and New Mexico!

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