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Home News New Mexico Cancer Council Native American workgroup receives national award
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New Mexico Cancer Council Native American workgroup receives national award

November 28, 2023 - Tribal Liaison - Awareness

SANTA FE – The Native American Workgroup (NAWG) of the New Mexico Cancer Council has been honored with the 2023 Carol Friedman Excellence Award, a prestigious national recognition bestowed annually by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced the New Mexico Department of Health and its Office of Tribal Liaison.

“It is important that we elevate and champion the well-deserved recognition bestowed upon the New Mexico Cancer Council-Native American Workgroup, as they proudly receive the CDC's esteemed Carol Friedman Comprehensive Cancer Control Award for Excellence in Cultural Responsiveness,” said Janet Johnson, Tribal Liaison for New Mexico Department of Health, capturing the significance of their achievements. “This honor stands as a powerful testament to the unwavering dedication, profound devotion, and remarkable efforts exhibited by the workgroup members. Their invaluable services have played a pivotal role in advancing Tribal health and well-being, marking a significant contribution to the broader landscape of comprehensive cancer control.”

The award, named after Carol Friedman, the inaugural Branch Bureau Chief for the CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, commends leadership, advocacy, and dedication to comprehensive cancer control. The focus of the 2023 award centers around "Cultural Responsiveness," aligning with the CDC's recent emphasis on social determinants of health and the National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program's priority of promoting health equity in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The NAWG, established in 2009, plays a crucial role in advising the New Mexico Cancer Council on effectively engaging with Native American communities. Recognizing primary prevention, early detection/screening, and the health and well-being of cancer survivors as key priorities, NAWG earned the Carol Friedman Excellence Award for its distinctive approach, featuring a diverse range of tribal programs, robust partnerships, and a commitment to innovative steps in culturally responsive cancer care.

In response to the 2023 award theme, "Cultural Responsiveness," NAWG has demonstrated excellence by establishing and sustaining partnerships within culturally specific communities, tailoring public health materials and interventions to specific cultures, and utilizing culturally specific data to inform health policy, systems, and environmental change.

Among NAWG's notable contributions are resources such as "Implementing the New Mexico Cancer Plan in Native American Communities" and the "Facilitator Guide for Implementing the New Mexico Cancer Plan in Native Communities." Currently, NAWG is focused on implementing cancer care action plans addressing the high rates of colorectal cancer among New Mexico's indigenous population.

For further information on NAWG, please visit the Native American Workgroup page on the New Mexico Cancer Council's website: Native American Workgroup | New Mexico Cancer Council

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