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Home News Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to tackle the baby formula shortage
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Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to tackle the baby formula shortage

SANTA FE – The state launched a digital platform dedicated to help New Mexico families find infant formula due to the lack of supply after a major production plant was shut down earlier this year when the FDA began investigating bacterial infections in four babies who were fed the formula. 

At, New Mexico families can learn about community resources and find information that can help and support them during this formula shortage. The site is a comprehensive tool for families which includes resources and guidance to help families find where infant formula may be available. 

“The infant formula shortage has caused worry and frustration for New Mexico families as they have sought to provide nutrition to feed their babies,” said Gov. Lujan Grisham. “Through, families can now discover available resources in their community, including local health councils, pediatricians, food pantries, and other supporting agencies to meet the nutritional needs of their infants and to ensure they thrive. We also encourage all eligible families to enroll in the New Mexico Women Infant and Children (WIC) or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help during this shortage.” has information about the crowdsourcing Facebook page, NM Infant Formula Support Network, created by the Early Childhood Education and Care Department (ECECD), information about the Human Milk Repository of New Mexico, which is an accredited milk bank that collects breast milk donations, screens them for safety, and sells that milk to qualifying families. 

The site also has information about the New Mexico Women Infant and Children (WIC) program, eligibility information and how to apply. The New Mexico WIC program has not had any price gouging reported and is monitoring the situation closely. provides medically reliable information for families with questions about how to ensure their children receive proper nutrition.

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La gobernadora Michelle Luján Grisham sigue haciendo frente a la escasez de fórmula infantil