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Home News Governor Proclaims November Diabetes Awareness Month
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Governor Proclaims November Diabetes Awareness Month

New Mexicans could be prediabetic or diabetic without knowing it

Paths to Health NM: Tools for Healthier Living is an initiative that includes several prevention and self-management programsGovernor Susana Martinez and the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) Diabetes Prevention and Control Program recognize November as Diabetes Awareness Month, the annual health observance increasing awareness about the impact of diabetes for residents, families, and their communities in our state.

Governor Martinez has signed a Diabetes Awareness Month Proclamation naming November as Diabetes Awareness Month in New Mexico and Wednesday, November 14th World Diabetes Day.

NMDOH es​timates more than 220,000 New Mexican adults have diabetes, with only eight out of 10 aware of their condition. Additionally, an estimated 549,000 New Mexico adults have prediabetes, a condition that precedes type-2 diabetes, in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal. An estimated three out of 10 adults with prediabetes are aware of their condition.

This lack of awareness can lead to health issues that don’t always merit a trip to the doctor. These issues can be a barrier to adults with prediabetes from taking necessary steps to help prevent or delay developing type-2 diabetes. Both diabetes and prediabetes can lead to serious and costly health complications, especially when unrecognized or not properly controlled.

“Our goals are simple: improve health outcomes and connect people to the educational and medical resources they need to live healthier, happier lives,” said Department of Health Secretary Lynn Gallagher. “The Department of Health plays a major role in developing the support network for people with prediabetes and diabetes in our state, and it’s important that residents know having diabetes can be kept under control to improve quality of life.

Paths to Health NM: Tools for Healthier Living Tools for Healthier Living is a Department of Health campaign offering free prevention and self‐management programs. Designed for adults of all ages, the programs help people gain the confidence and motivation they need to take care of their health, as well as learn new skills to prevent diabetes or better manage their chronic health conditions. The programs are offered around the state by trained experts in either community and medical settings.

If you want more information about Paths to Health NM: Tools for Healthier Living, there are several ways to connect. Visit the Paths to Health NM: Tools for Healthier Living website for more information on available programs or call the referral lines directly at (505) 850-0176 or (575) 703-2343.

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