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Data Exchange

Immunization providers that have Electronic Health Records (EHR) can electronically submit immunization data. Providers should sign up on the Health Information Technology data exchange registration website to get started! It has been designed as a place to quickly test EHR message formatting to demonstrate the ability to submit electronic Immunization, Syndromic Surveillance and/or Electronic Laboratory Results to a public health agency as one of the required menu set objectives for Meaningful Use.

How to Become a Data Exchange Provider

  • Step 1: Contact the NMSIIS Help Desk
  • Step 2: You will be given paperwork to complete and return to NMSIIS staff.
  • Step 3: NMSIIS staff will create credentials that your vendor will need.
  • Step 4: Vendor will begin testing in our QA environment.
  • Step 5: NMSIIS will review the test messages and provide proper feedback.
  • Step 6: Once the messages are verified to be of good quality, a “go-live” date will be set. This means that the connection link between NMSIIS and your vendor will be switched and directed to our live production environment.
  • Step 7: Once the connection has been established, staff will no longer be able to manually enter vaccines.

It may seem complicated but you will have a dedicated staff member, our Data Exchange Coordinator, that will be helping each step of the way!

Additional Information about EHR Data Exchange

Technical References


Please see the NMSIIS Data Exchange Frequently Asked Questions document for more information.

For questions or information on Data Exchange or becoming a Data Exchange provider, please send a message to