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Statewide Immunization Information System

Each year, approximately 28,000 children are born in New Mexico. Every one of these children will need 18-22 immunizations by age six to protect them from debilitating, life threatening diseases. New vaccines are quickly becoming available, resulting in a complex childhood immunization schedule for a large population. Keeping track of immunizations can be challenging for health care professionals.

Keeping track of families is another challenge for health care professionals. The average family relocates multiple times over the course of a lifetime, frequently leaving medical records and valuable immunization information behind. As many as 25% of children visit two or more providers for immunizations before their third birthday.

What is the New Mexico Statewide Immunization Information System?

The New Mexico Statewide Immunization Information System (NMSIIS) is a computerized Internet database application that was developed to record and track immunization dates of New Mexico State's children and adults, providing assistance for keeping everyone on track for their recommended immunizations.

The Statewide Immunization Information System (NMSIIS), administered by the New Mexico Department of Health, is a confidential, computerized repository of individual immunization records that integrates information from birth and death records, public and private health care providers, and parental records.

It is a secure, web-based system that is compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) standards.

What does it do?

The most basic function of NMSIIS is to be a tracking tool to help keep children on schedule for their recommended immunizations. NMSIIS is also able to:

  • Record immunizations, contraindications, and reactions.
  • Validate immunization history and provide recommendations.
  • Manage vaccine inventory.
  • Generate immunization history and recommendation reports to give to parents.
  • Produce immunization recall and reminder notices for providers to mail to clients.
  • Generate data reports for providers to complete external reports.

Automated data transfer between a provider’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and NMSIIS is available for providers whose EHR can generate the requisite HL7 2.5.1 messages, which holds great promise for the future.

What are the benefits of using it?

NMSIIS aids your health care organization by saving both time and money. By using NMSIIS, health care organizations:

  • Reduce staff time needed to obtain and assess scattered immunization records.
  • Reduce expenses and risk incurred by administering duplicate immunizations.
  • Reduce missed vaccination opportunities.
  • Decrease incidence of disease.
  • Decrease incidence of vaccine adverse reactions.
  • Prevent vaccine waste through better inventory management.
  • Reduce staff time and expense for documenting immunizations and producing reports.
  • Improve efficiency of office operations

How do I get started?

For NMSIIS Technical assistance, please contact the New Mexico Department of Health Help Desk @ 1-800-280-1618 option 4 or 505-827-2356.

Electronic Data Exchange

Provides information related to the initiatives, projects & efforts of numerous stakeholders involved in the promotion & use of health information technology in New Mexico.

Immunization providers that have Electronic Health Records (EHR) can electronically submit immunization data. Providers should signup on the Health Information Technology data exchange registration website to get started!

It has been designed as a place to quickly test EHR message formatting to demonstrate the ability to submit electronic Immunization, Syndromic Surveillance and/or Electronic Laboratory Results (ELR) to a public health agency as one of the required menu set objectives for Meaningful Use.


Interested in training? Please contact the NMSIIS Help Desk at (833) 882-6454 or (505) 827-2356.

Please see our NMSIIS Training Slideshow for basic training on the new system.


NMSIIS VaxViewNM.org websiteVaxViewNM enables individuals, parents, and guardians to access, save and/or print official immunization records. This eliminates the need to carry multiple or aged documents and allows you to access your shot record anytime you need. VaxViewNM is mobile friendly and uses two-factor authentication.

Simply visit VaxViewNM, or visit the links below for more information.

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