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Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Program

The Hepatitis Program works both in prevention and to serve those living with adult viral hepatitis, including hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Hep A Outbreak

The New Mexico Department of Health NMDOH is investigating an outbreak of hepatitis A, primarily affecting adults who inject drugs and adults who are homeless. Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease that results from infection with the hepatitis A virus. The virus is usually transmitted through direct contact with an infectious person or contaminated food and drink.

Hepatitis A infection typically causes fever, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dark urine, and yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice). In persons with underlying health issues, infection can lead to serious complications including death.

Those at increased risk for Hepatitis A include:

  • Persons with direct contact with a person who has hepatitis A
  • Persons who use drugs
  • Persons experiencing homelessness
  • Men who have sex with men

To control this outbreak and prevent further spread, NMDOH recommends the vaccination of people in the affected area experiencing homelessness or those who inject drugs. Handwashing, especially after using the bathroom and before preparing food, also plays an important role in preventing the spread of the virus.

NMDOH is working with community partners to increase awareness and education to help prevent the spread of hepatitis A. Those at risk and their contacts can be referred to their local public health office for vaccination. For public health office phone numbers and locations in Bernalillo County please visit the Public Health Office page.

The information below will provide tools to promote Hepatitis A awareness, offer ways to keep you and your family safe, and explain the importance of Hep A vaccination:

Community-based website offering resources and information about HIV, STDs, Viral Hepatitis, and Harm Reduction services across New Mexico. This searchable guide will help you find the best and most appropriate services in your area.

Resource Guide

To find a hepatitis testing, vaccine or treatment program near you, visit our HIV/STD/Hepatitis Resource Guide.

This valuable community based website offering resources and information about services related to HIV, STDs, Viral Hepatitis, and Harm Reduction.

It features a searchable guide that will help you find the best and most appropriate services in your area.

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Free Hepatitis A & B Immunization

We offer free hepatitis A and B immunization to the following high risk adults:

  • Persons who are current injection drug users and their sexual contacts
  • Men who have sex with men and their sexual contacts
  • Persons living with hepatitis C
  • Persons living with HIV/AIDS
  • Persons living with chronic hepatitis B
  • Persons from endemic areas
  • Heterosexuals with more than one sex partner in the last six months
  • Persons diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease
  • Household and sexual contacts of people infected with hepatitis B

Perinatal Hepatitis B

Please visit the Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention section of our website.

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