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New Mexico State Veterans' Home

Photo of the location.The New Mexico Veterans Home (NMVH) is strategically located between Albuquerque and El Paso in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. NMVH is the state’s first and only State Veterans Home.

Surrounded by the beauty of the Black Mountain Range, situated on the east side of the Gila Wilderness, the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and grounds offer a peaceful backdrop for the Veterans and residents of NMVH to enjoy. Truth or Consequences and the neighboring town of Elephant Butte offer nearly year ‘round outdoor activities and beautiful, contrasting landscape.

Widely known for the healing waters of the Natural Artesian Springs, Outdoor water sports, arts district, hiking trails, off road and wilderness areas, Truth or Consequences has a rich history with boundless opportunities for visitors and residents of NMVH to explore and enjoy.

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Mission Statement

The NMSVH strives to provide integrated services in an atmosphere that promotes the physical, social and emotional well-being of every resident. Every effort is made to continuously improve care while safely assisting residents to live as independently as possible and as they choose, thereby assuring dignity and respect at all times.

We will make an individual and team commitment to demonstrate professionalism and pride in all our actions, maintaining an environment of accountability and responsibility to residents and each other.

Vision Statement

Working together to provide the highest quality of care and the best quality of life for veterans and their families.


Please examine the eligibility information below, then fill out the Admission Application for New Mexico State Veterans' Home if you are interested in our home.

Who is Eligible?

  • Honorably discharged veterans with 90 days or more of service and their spouses are eligible for admission.
  • Preference is given to New Mexico residents when there is a waiting list – but every veteran is welcome to apply. We are not restricted to New Mexico veterans only.
  • Gold Star Parents, who have lost children in the service of their country, are also eligible.
  • Certain members of a reserve component of the US Armed Forces who meet the legal residence requirements.

Who is not?

  • A person whose only separation from one of the US Armed Forces was other than honorable.
  • A person ordered to report to an induction station who was not actually inducted into the military service.
  • A person who was convicted of subversive activities against the US after 9/1/1959. Eligibility shall be reinstated if a pardon is granted by the President of the US.
  • A person with medical or mental conditions beyond the Home's capability to care for them.
  • A person with a history of violent crime, substance abuse, sexual offenses or who is currently charged with one or more of the above.

Financial Details

Fees and charges for services are established by the New Mexico State Veterans’ Home and are subject to change in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and policies.

Ability to Pay

This is the process of assessing residents’ income and determining a liability for services provided by the facility.

Maintenance Charge

This is the full amount to be charged to the resident based on the resident’s income and resources. Should the resident become a Medicaid recipient, the amount of the maintenance fee shall be the same as the Medical Care Credit. If the resident is not a Medicaid recipient, the maintenance fee shall be determined by the regulation as outlined under this policy. These regulations will utilize Medicaid guidelines to the extent possible.

Financial Payment Contract

Upon admission, the Admission Coordinator will complete a payment contract for services provided by the facility, based on the residents ability to pay.

Facility Photographs

Building Entrance Front Hallway Typical Resident Room Dining Room Serving Line Dining Room Library Resident Lounge Multi-Purpose Room 1 Wii Bowling Multi-Purpose Room 2 Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Special Care Room Grounds Aviary Rabbit Courtyard Turtle Pond Courtyard Sports Bar 1 Sports Bar 2

Job Opportunities

The New Mexico State Veterans' Home is part of the Department of Health, Facilities Division. Therefore, all employment opportunities at our facility are posted by the State Personnel Office (SPO).

You can view the Job Opportunities at New Mexico State Veterans' Home on the SPO website today!