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Public Health and Safety Advisory Committee

The Public Health and Safety Advisory Committee shall assist the Department of Health in monitoring emerging scientific and medical information relevant to the health effects associated with the use of cannabis products and shall monitor changes in cannabis product use, opioid use and alcohol use patterns for children and adults within the state, broken down by county, race and ethnicity. Meet our Public Health and Safety Advisory Committee members : PHSAC Committee Biographies

Beginning December 1, 2024, the public health and safety advisory committee shall provide to the legislature, and the department of health shall publish on its website, an annual report on the health effects of legalizing cannabis products for adult use. The report shall include the following elements relating to cannabis product use and, as applicable, the demographics of persons who are the subject of an element:

  1. Child access;
  2. road safety and driving while impaired;
  3. workplace safety;
  4. the percentage of emergency room visits and outcomes;
  5. educational needs for children and adults;
  6. consumer and product safety;
  7. the percentage of poison control center calls; and
  8. the impact of cannabis use on rates of alcohol, opioid and other substance abuse.

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024 @ 10:00 – 11:30 AM (mountain)
    • Agenda & How to Join - Coming Soon

Prior Meetings

Meeting records from previous Public Health and Safety Advisory Committee meetings are available here.

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