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Influenza Reporting Guidelines

In accordance with New Mexico Administrative Code, influenza is reportable in the following situations:

  • Any novel influenza virus (a human case of infection with an influenza A virus subtype that is different from currently circulating human influenza H1 and H3 viruses);
  • Deaths in any New Mexico resident less than 18 years of age with laboratory-confirmed influenza;
  • Hospitalized residents of New Mexico with laboratory-confirmed influenza.

How to Report

  • Contact the main New Mexico Department of Health hotline at: 505-827-0006. Suspected and confirmed novel influenza infections should be reported immediately.
  • To report a flu outbreak, contact the New Mexico Department of Health hotline at: 1-833-796-8773.
  • Medical records, lab results, death certificates, and other documents can be securely faxed to: 505-827-0013.