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Foodborne Disease Agents

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This resource provides data updated nightly for a large number of disease generated by the New Mexico Indicator-Based Information System.

Visit the New Mexico Infectious Disease Data page on the New Mexico Indicator-Based Information System (NM-IBIS) website for the latest infectious disease epidemiology data for New Mexico.

The reports are updated nightly and contain information from 2006 to present. You can easily select the specific data you want to see by customizing the query to restrict the topic, geographic area, time period, and population details such as age, sex, and race/ethnicity.

This excellent resource also provides a helpful fact sheet for each of the diseases.

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Manual for Investigation

This purpose of this Foodborne Illness Manual for Investigation is to provide guidance for prompt detection of and response to foodborne illness outbreaks in New Mexico, recognizing that a successful foodborne illness outbreak investigation requires collaboration between partners from the disciplines of epidemiology, environmental health, food science and microbiology.

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Norovirus (previously referred to as Norwalk-like virus) is a single-stranded ribonucleic acid (RNA) virus within the family Caliciviridae. Infections with norovirus are sometimes called the “stomach flu” but it is not related to the virus causing influenza. There are six major types of norovirus with one type associated with the majority of worldwide outbreaks since the mid-1990s. Please visit the Norovirus section of our website for more information.