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Substance Use Epidemiology Program

Welcome to the website for the Substance Use Epidemiology Section (SUES). SUES collects and analyzes data on substance abuse in New Mexico and shares the results with community groups, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Examples of substance abuse data that SUES assesses include alcohol-related death, drug overdose death, excessive alcohol consumption, and naloxone distribution.

There are other programs within the Department of Health that also work to prevent negative health outcomes due to substance use. If you are looking for information about preventing prescription opioid overdose, please visit the Opioid Safety & Overdose Prevention section of our website. If you are looking for information about harm reduction, including naloxone distribution and syringe services for people who are injecting drugs, please visit the Harm Reduction section of our website. If you are looking for information about tobacco use prevention and cessation, please visit the Nicotine Use Prevention and Control Program section of our website.

Additionally, the SUES maintains a number of Substance Use Epidemiology Data Reports on New Mexico’s Indicator-Based Information System website.

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Substance Use-Related Publications

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Substance Use-Related MMWRs

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