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Health Data Presentation Services

Are you interested in population health? Do you have questions about disease burden in New Mexico? Are you curious about educating your community on reducing risk of illness or disease?

New Mexico Department of Health Presentation Services is one of the many services available for assisting audiences learn more about a wide variety of health data topics. We offer in-person-on-site presentation services to community organizations and groups interested in health data. Our content experts and professionals can tailor presentations for a wide range of audiences.

Please email Rosa Lopez or call her at 505-476-3739 to schedule a presentation.

Presentation Topics

Our list of presentations topics currently includes the following.

  • Health Status of New Mexicans
  • Accessing Health Data Through Data Query Systems
  • What is Community Health Assessment?
  • Emergency Medical Services Continuing Education
  • Emergency Planning for Organizations
  • Trauma Health Data and How It Informs Care
  • Stroke Care in New Mexico
  • Creating Healthy Homes for You and Your Family – Air Quality, Asthma, Lead, Mold
  • Workplace Safety for Individuals and Their Employers
  • Environmental Public Health Tracking – What is the EHPTP and how do I use it?
  • Cardiovascular Health and the Environment
  • Social Media and Disaster Response
  • Are You and Your Family Prepared? - Family Emergency Preparedness
  • Public Health Emergency Response
  • Health Care Systems and Their Relationship to the Health Status of the Population
  • Interpreting Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data and Emergency Department Data
  • Pneumonia and Influenza in New Mexico
  • Infectious Disease Trends and Patterns
  • Foodborne Disease Agents: Ensuring a Safer Food Supply
  • A Look at Reportable Diseases in New Mexico
  • Vaccine Preventable Disease and What Families, Communities, and Providers Should Know
  • Substance Use in New Mexico: Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Drug Overdose Prevention
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Surveillance and Prevention of Older Adult Falls
  • What Surveillance Data Tells Us About Youths in New Mexico
  • Adult Health Behaviors and Risk for Disease
  • Using Health Data as a Tool for Targeting and Building Intervention Programs
  • Evidence Based Strategies for Injury Prevention
  • Sexual Violence Prevention
  • No Health Without Mental Health
  • Opioid Use: What do you need to know?
  • Prevention of Violence: Everyone Plays a Role
  • Zika Virus: Disease and Management