Emergency Medical Services Fund Act

The Emergency Medical Services Fund Act shall apply to requests made for funds available pursuant to the Emergency Medical Services Fund Act.

The objective is to establish standards and procedures for regulating programs under the Emergency Medical Services Fund Act. These standards and procedures are designed for the purpose of making funds available to municipalities and counties, in proportion to their needs, for use in the establishment and enhancement of local emergency medical services in order to reduce injury and loss of life. This rule will inform New Mexico municipalities and counties of the procedures to access funds. The department of health, through the emergency medical systems bureau, will administer the fund pursuant to the Emergency Medical Services Fund Act and this rule.

Please see NMAC 7.27.4 for more information on the Emergency Medical Services Fund Act.

Local Funding

The new and revised EMS fund act local funding program application form and the new and revised EMS annual service report form are now available. Please take the time to read these applications carefully, as there may be changes in the forms for this fiscal year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The application and report below MUST both be completed each fiscal year by all New Mexico EMS services and fire departments which have an EMS component.

Please read the EMS Local Funding Program Availability Letter for more information.

  • EMS Local Funding Program Application Form
  • EMS Local Funding Program Annual Service Report Form

Special Projects

Please read the EMS Fund Act FY21 Special Projects document for more information.

NOTE: The applications and guides are revised as of July 2019, and are now form-fillable.

Local System Improvement

Statewide System Improvement

Vehicle Purchase