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Emergency Medical Services Targeted Cardiac Response Program

Cardiac Arrest Targeted Response ProgramThe NMAC 7.27.8 regulations are applicable to all persons or entities operating an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program within the state of New Mexico.

The regulations also apply to all AED training organizations, trainers, trained targeted responders, and physician medical directors affiliated with an AED program in New Mexico.

The purpose is to outline requirements for New Mexico cardiac arrest targeted response programs including:

  • Establishment of a cardiac arrest targeted response program
  • AED program registration
  • Medical direction
  • Training
  • Notification of local EMS services and public safety answering points
  • Reporting
  • Fees
  • Bureau responsibilities

Registration Packet


This packet should be used by any person or entity operating or creating an automated external defibrillator program within the state of New Mexico. This packet also contains several other items including a notification of program form, usage data collection form, and a checklist of guidelines for establishing a program.