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Asthma Control Program


Photo of the publication cover. Managing Asthma in New Mexico Schools Asthma - Guide May 16, 2012

It is our hope and expectation that school districts will use this manual as a guide to enlist the cooperation of all members of the school community. The sections on Asthma (3), the Student with Asthma (4), and the Asthma Friendly School (5) provide general information useful to all members of the community. The remaining sections (6-14) contain more specific information pertinent to individual members of the community. Finally section 15 lists a variety of helpful resources for everyone's use.

Photo of the publication cover. Second-Hand Smoke and Asthma Fact Sheet Asthma - Help January 1, 2011

This fact sheet explains how secondhand and third-hand smoke effects asthma, how tobacco smoke can trigger an asthma attack, how to protect yourself and your children, and provides tips on how to politely ask someone not to smoke around you.

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