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Community Health Assessment


The Community Health Assessment Program (CHAP) strengthens health assessment capacity in New Mexico by making meaningful population health data and information widely available. Providing access to reliable, comparable and valid population health data supports evidence-based decision-making within NMDOH as well as informing health improvement priorities and strategies throughout New Mexico.

CHAP works with staff and programs across NMDOH, other state agencies (Human Services Department, Public Education Department, Children Youth and Families Department), the University of New Mexico, and communities throughout New Mexico. Health data summaries and data visualization provided by CHAP increase community engagement in health promotion.

CHAP supports health assessment through:

  • Maintaining New Mexico’s New Mexico Indicator-Based Information System (NM-IBIS) (NM-IBIS) website for web-based access to data and information on New Mexico’s priority health issues.
  • Providing training and technical assistance in the use and interpretation of data for health assessment.
  • Conducting population-based health assessments relevant to the needs of tribal communities in New Mexico.
  • Supporting population-based health assessment activities of regional epidemiologists and other NMDOH staff.
  • Building datasets that can be analyzed and mapped to local and custom geographic areas.


Assessment is a core function of public health. An understanding of the determinants of health and community need is fundamental to sound decision-making about health. Accurate information serves the interests of justice and promotes the efficient use of available resources.


We provide support to ALL communities in New Mexico and to those who work with them. The CHAP also offers epidemiology staff experienced with health assessment in tribal communities.

Need help collecting and analyzing data, or understanding what you've got? We can help you find the data you need, define health indicators, understand the measures, and even provide training and training materials. Please contact us today!

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