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Strategic National Stockpile Program

The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is a national repository of antibiotics, chemical antidotes, antitoxins, life-support medications, IV administration, airway maintenance supplies and medical/surgical items. The SNS is designed to rapidly supplement and re-supply local and state public health agencies in the event of a national public health emergency. Twelve-hour Push Packages containing pharmaceuticals, antidotes and medical equipment are the first deployment of supplies. These push packages are positioned in strategically located, secure warehouses ready for immediate release within 12 hours of the federal decision to deploy SNS assets. Visit the National CHEMPACK Program to learn more.

New Mexico's SNS program relies on the coordination and collaboration of many partners. At the state level, planning is focused on receiving and distributing the SNS assets with the help of state agency partners like the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, New Mexico Department of Public Safety, New Mexico Department of Transportation, New Mexico National Guard, and New Mexico Board of Pharmacy. These agencies help support our operations by providing security, transportation, warehouse needs and overall planning.

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Medical Countermeasures

A major part of SNS planning is mass dispensing of medical countermeasures, known in New Mexico as Medical Countermeasure Operations. This enormous task is taken on by local communities and coordinated by the New Mexico Department of Health, Public Health Regional Offices throughout the State. Partners include local agencies like emergency management, law enforcement, tribal affiliates, fire, non-profit organizations, schools, local planning committees, hospitals, private contractors and many more. There are currently five Public Health Regions responsible for putting together Regional Countermeasure Distribution Plans. Plans incorporate surrounding cities, towns and counties to ensure wide coverage for New Mexicans.



The Medical Countermeasure Distribution and Dispensing Plan outlines the processes to request, receive, stage, store, transport and distribute medical countermeasure assets throughout the state. It sets forth lines of authority, roles and responsibilities, and organizational relationships. It shows how actions will be coordinated among State, local, tribal, and federal governments.

Point of Dispensing Operations Guide


The State of New Mexico MCM plan is supplemented by a Medical Countermeasures Point of Dispensing Operations Guide that contains information about planning and implementing a public health campaign to dispense medicine, vaccines or medical supplies, collectively referred to as MCM, during a public health emergency.

Point of Dispensing Administrative Toolkit

Additionally, the Medical Countermeasure POD Administrative POD Toolkit is a collection of useful resources, templates and forms to help streamline POD setup and operations.

Dispense Assist

This is an automated screening tool that provides screening for diseases requiring an emergency response.

Dispense Assist is an automated screening tool that provides screening for diseases requiring an emergency response. During Point of Dispensing operations, the public will be directed to POD sites to receive information and medication in the form of pills or injections for themselves and their families. Dispense Assist is a system that provides the means for POD clients to go on-line and provide basic contact information and answer questions related to their ability to receive a medicine or vaccine. It also provides the means to collect information about the clients and the medicine or vaccine they received at the POD site.

When the Dispense Assist system is going to be used at the POD site, the public will be given the web address to Dispense Assist and be urged to use the system to print out vouchers for themselves and their family members and bring the vouchers to the POD. This will speed up the process at the POD.

For those who cannot access Dispense Assist prior to going to the POD, a Dispense Assist station or kiosk may be set up at the POD site. When the Dispense Assist system cannot be utilized by any of these means a paper screening form will be used.

The public is encouraged to visit the Dispense Assist website at their convenience and pre-print vouchers for the whole family. These vouchers can be updated as needed and kept in a family emergency preparedness kit. There is also a Dispense Assist App that can be downloaded on to a smart phone for use prior to going to the POD or at the POD site.

Dispense Assist does not store personal data. When the person closes the Internet browser, their data is deleted from the screen. If equipment (tablets/laptops/etc) is shared, it is important that the user clicks the Clear-Form button at the bottom of the Consent/Screening form to eliminate any privacy concerns.

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Cities Readiness Initiative

The Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) is a federal effort to accelerate and enhance emergency response capacity in high risk and high population centers across the nation. Planning efforts are focused on an intentional biologic agent dispersal incident, and the goal is to provide medical countermeasures MCM to one hundred percent of the effected population within forty-eight hours. This population encompasses the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) including the City of Albuquerque, City of Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia Counties, and Cochiti, Isleta, Jemez, Sandia, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Santo Domingo and Zia Pueblos.

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The Stockpile that may protect you from a chemical attack.

CHEMPACK is a part of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Program. The goal of the CHEMPACK Program is to locally place chemical and nerve agent antidotes to provide state and local governments a rapidly accessible and sustainable resource to improve their ability to quickly respond to a chemical event.

The SNS Program, along with the New Mexico Department of Health, Bureau of Health Emergency Management, has pre-positioned caches of nerve agent antidotes throughout New Mexico.

Please see the National CHEMPACK Program page to learn more.

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Federal Medical Station


The Federal Medical Station (FMS) program is a Federal, deployable medical asset designed to support regional, state, local and Tribal health care agencies responding to catastrophic events.

The FMS program is designed to address the following:

  • Inpatient, non-acute treatment capability for areas where hospital bed capacity has been exceeded.
  • A special needs shelter for displaced persons with chronic diseases, limited mobility, or behavioral health requirements.
  • Support to quarantine mission isolating persons suspected of being exposed to or affected by a highly contagious disease.

Please see our Federal Medical Stations FAQ for answers to our most commonly asked questions. You may find the Federal Medical Stations Stat Sheet informative as well.

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Training Information

The following links are to a New Mexico Emergency Management Training and Excercise Website and to the TRAIN New Mexico site.

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POD Toolkit


ICS Forms

Job Aids


MCM Legal

Pod Kits

Drug Information Sheets

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Closed Point of Dispensing (POD) Information

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