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Health Facility Survey Reports

This searchable database of providers allows access to division of health improvement health facility survey reports.  They can be searched by provider type, county, city, or provider name.  Please note that searches can take a long time to complete.Our health facility survey reports are available online for you to access through the Health Facility Provider Search system.

The system allows you to search for providers by their service type, the county or city they're located, or simply by a specific provider name.

Once you find the provider you're looking for, there will be a reports icon that you can click to obtain a list of reports.

NOTE: Please note that provider searches can take a while to complete even after the first result appears in your web browser, so please be patient while all of the search results are retrieved.

Inspection of Public Records Act Request

Please submit a letter, fax or email to us using the contact information on the right sidebar of this page. Be sure to include the information you need and your mailing address. An invoice will be mailed out with the documents requested. The requestor will be required to pay the amount on the invoice.

Survey Follow-Up or Licensure Status Requests

Facilities seeking follow-up information regarding a recent survey or status of licensure request should submit a letter, fax, or email using the contact information on the right sidebar of this page.