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Division of Health Improvement Administrative Services


The Division of Health Improvement (DHI) is moving to the Health Care Authority (HCA). Our current webpages have moved to the Official HCA Website. Please go there for all future DHI updates.

The Administrative Services Bureau of the Division of Health Improvement (DHI) provides administrative support to the division’s staff.


The bureau’s responsibilities include the following.

  • Budget and Financial Functions
  • Purchasing and Vouchering
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Reconciliations and Auditing

Budget & Finance

The bureau is responsible for gathering, tracking, reporting and analyzing financial information and guiding the development of the DHI budget within allocated state and federal funds. Requests for training, equipment and supplies are processed through the purchasing and vouchering system; and travel reimbursement requests are processed for staff members.

Internal Auditing

The bureau is also responsible for internal auditing reconciliations of several funding sources to ensure proper accounting and accountability.

Background Checks

Finally, it has oversight of the Caregivers Criminal History Screening Program that conducts background checks through the authority of the caregivers criminal history screening act: receiving background check applications and fingerprints from caregivers seeking employment by care providers in the State of New Mexico.