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Family Infant Toddler Training

FIT Training & Resource Portal

The Family Infant Toddler (FIT) Program partners with the University of New Mexico (UNM) Early Childhood Network (ECN) to provide an array of training and professional development opportunities for Family Service Coordinators, Developmental Specialists (DS) and other early intervention practitioners, through both classroom workshops and online training modules.

Please visit the FIT Training & Resource Portal to learn more.

Family Service Coordination

Family Service Coordinators (FSC) are required to attend two online and two classroom-based trainings within one year of hire. Module 1 is ‘Intake to IFSP’ and Module 2 is ‘Transition’. FSCs must complete the online training before attending the classroom training and can find the dates for the trainings and register through the FIT Training Calendar page.

FSCs must take the FIT Service Coordination Online Training (Not for Credit) every 3 years to update themselves on revised requirements.

Additionally, FSCs will receive house training, coaching and mentoring (including observation of intake, IFSP, transition meeting, etc.) before working independently with families.

Developmental Specialists


Developmental Specialists (DS) must be certified by the FIT program within 30 days of hire and recertified every 3 years. Each DS will have an Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP) developed with their supervisor and are required to complete 25 hours of professional development annually to be recertified.

Professional development activities can include:

  • Academic Coursework
  • In-Service/Workshop Training
  • Mentorship
  • Self-Study (up to 10 hours per year max, with approval of supervisor)
  • Formal Reflective Supervision (up to 5 hours per year maximum)
  • Other options as identified in the IPDP and must be approved by their supervisor.

DS can access training towards their recertification through the FIT Training Calendar and Early Childhood Network Online & Core Training web pages.

Contact Hyacenth Sedillo to learn more about Developmental Specialist certification.

Other Early Intervention Practitioners

Therapists and other early intervention practitioners can access a range of online and classroom-based training and resources through the FIT Portal on the University of New Mexico Early Childhood Network website.

Key Information Data System

Family Infant Toddler Key Information Data System

The following online training modules are for users of the Family Infant Toddler Key Information Data System (FIT-KIDS). You will need speakers or headphones to listen to the audio and you may need to adjust your screen resolution.

NOTE: The following training courses are Adobe Flash presentations and may not function properly on all devices.

Training Modules

Module 1 – Introduction & Login

Module 2 – User Roles & Administration

Module 3 – Data Entry

Module 4 – Billing

Module 5 – Reports

Annual Performance Report

By having FIT providers run their own data reports in FIT-KIDS for these Annual Performance Report (APR) indicators will provide instructions and guidance that can be used throughout the year to complete the data cleanup on a monthly or quarterly schedule so the annual data cleanup is less time consuming for providers and the FIT program.