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Adult Residential

The Residential Services available under the State General Fund are Supported Living and Independent Living. These services are available to Adults age 22 or older, who have been determined developmentally disabled in accordance with DDSD Policy and are on the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Central Registry (waiting list).

Adult Residential Services are intended to provide the necessary assistance and support to meet the daily living and safety needs of individuals. Services may include assistance with money management, meal preparation, assistance with self-administration of medicine, nutritional counseling, nursing, mobility assistance, personal care.

Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services provides support services which enables individuals with developmental disabilities to live in a home setting with no more than four individuals. Services and supports include personal care, and daily living and social skills training services on a 24-hour basis.

Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services provides support services that enable persons with developmental disabilities to live independently in their own home or with family members. Staff provides support on a planned periodic schedule, averaging at least 20 hours of direct support per week. Services should be provided in the home environment, except for activities that naturally occur in the community (banking, grocery shopping, etc.).

Service Standards

The following DDSD FIT & SGF FY20 Service Definitions & Standards provide information regarding the State General Fund Residential Services.