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Developmental Disabilities Waiver

The Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver program also known in New Mexico as the “traditional DD waiver” is designed to provide Services and Supports that assist eligible children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) to participate as active members of their communities. The DD Waiver is one of several waivers available in New Mexico. The program serves as an alternative to institutional care.

New Mexico’s traditional DD Waiver Program is a person-centered, community-oriented approach to deliver supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The approach emphasizes:

  • That people with IDD oversee their lives as much as possible.
  • That people with IDD have opportunities to use resources in ways that enhance their lives and help them participate in their communities.
  • A shared responsibility for the wise use of public dollars and the contribution that people with IDD and their families can make.
  • That the system is managed in a way that is efficient and fair to everyone.

If you are interested in applying dor DD Waiver or checking your status on the Central Registry, please visit the Intake and Eligibility section of our website.

If you are interested in providing services for the DD WAIVER program, please visit our Provider Enrollment and Training.

Public Input

DDSD will afford stakeholders the opportunity to provide comments and feedback to DDSD about initiatives, service standards, and operations under the Developmental Disabilities Waiver. Please continue checking here for any upcoming public input request.

DDW Service Standards Simplification:

How to Apply

If you are currently being served by the Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver program and you decide you want to participate in DD Waiver you need to fill out a Waiver Change Form (WCF). You will receive this form upon request from the local Department of Health/Developmental Disabilities Supports Division Office in your Region. Once this form is completed and returned, you will be contacted by your chosen case management agency to participate in a transition meeting and to discuss services available under DD Waiver.

If you are not yet in a waiver program, you must register for services with the Intake and Eligibility unit.

Upon allocation for services, you will be able to choose to participate in the DD Waiver Program, by filling out a Primary Freedom of Choice form and choosing a Case Management Agency to assist you. Please visit the Regional Offices section of our website to find the contact information for an office near you.

Communication to the Field

DDSD releases a variety of different types of communications. Please continue reading for more information regarding numbered memos, news alerts, and activities such as public events and webinars.

Numbered Memos

These numbered memos provide important information for DD Waiver providers and interested parties.


  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2024-06: Statewide Aspiration List (SARL) Referral
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2024-05: Discontinuation of COTA/PTA Calculator
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2024-04: Discontinuation of Temporary Increase Amount of Environmental Modification and Assistive Technology
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2024-03: Clarification Regarding On Site PRN Medication
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2024-02: Discontinuing the Client Individual Assessment (CIA)
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2024-01: Conclusion of “Jackson Class Members of Working Age Pilot"
  • 2023

  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-12: Page Replacements for DD Waiver Service Standards Effective Date: 12-15-2023
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-11: Regarding Intake Tracking in Therap
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-10: Revised DD Waiver Service Standards Effective Date: 11-1-2023
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-08: Mandatory Use of Therap for Behavior Support Documentation
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-07: Electronic Census Requirements in Therap
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-06: Preview of DD Waiver Service Standards Edits and Opportunity for Feedback
  • DDSD Memo Therapy Delivery July 2023: Clarification of Expectations for the Collaborative-Consultative (C-C) Model (2021 DDW Standards section 12.4.2)
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-05: DD Waiver Standards Chapter 22.4: Preparation of an Annual Report
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-04: Developmental Disabilities Waiver Budget Transitions from the University of New Mexico (UNM) Outside Reviewer (OR) to the Medicaid Third Party Assessor (TPA)
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-03: Regional Office Request for Assistance (RORA)- Provider Shortages
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-02: Instructions for smooth transition of services provided by terminated providers
  • DDSD Numbered Memo 2023-01: Master List of Definitions 2023

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