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Community Inclusion

Community Integration refers to support services that provide opportunities for individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD) to access and participate in activities and functions of community life. All services for individuals with IDD are mandated to be provided in the community to the fullest.

The Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD) considers community integration the umbrella term for non-residential support services. Under this category, the primary services provided are community life engagement which refers to non-work activities, and Supported Employment which denotes paid work experiences or activities to obtain paid work.

Community Life Engagement

Community Life Engagement (CLE) services are also sometimes referred to as, “Meaningful Day” or “Adult Habilitation” activities. CLE refers to supporting people in their communities in non-work activities. Examples of CLE activities may include participating in clubs, classes or recreational activities in the community, learning new skills to become more independent, volunteering or retirement activities.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment activities relate to assisting individuals with IDD in obtaining and maintaining employment in the community. Services are individualized to meet the needs of the person that is being supported while improving the profitability of the business. Ideally, supported employment services support people in jobs that are in typical integrated businesses, industries or government environments.

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