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Therapy Services


The New Mexico DDSD supports the provision of Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), and Speech Therapy services to individuals on the Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DDW) and Mi Via Waiver and Medically Fragile Waiver. These services may not duplicate therapy services provided under the Medicaid system. Each waiver has its own set of service standards describing the scope of therapy services allowable and standards for practice.

The Clinical Services Bureau contracts with state wide and national consultants who support the ongoing professional growth and development of DDW therapy providers. CSB therapists are available for training and consultation on a variety of issues.

Please see our Therapy Services Brochure for an overview of what we do. You may also contact the Clinical Services bureau to speak with a therapist in your discipline.

Therapy Model and Philosophy

Participatory Approach to Therapy

The participatory approach to Therapy is based on the idea that no individual is too disabled to participate in meaningful life activities.  For some this is accomplished though the use of Assistive Technology and application of therapeutic strategies.

Please see the Therapy Services: Participatory Approach Philosophy Guidelines to learn more.  Contact your therapy consultant if you have any questions.

Collaborative-Consultative Model of Therapy Service

The Collaborative-Consultative Model of Therapy Service is the mandated and only model of therapy service provision that is funded by the New Mexico Home and Community-Based Waiver Program (a.k.a. DDW).  Please see our Therapy Services: Collaborative-Consultative Therapy Service Model Guidelines to learn more.

Therapy Service Provision

Accessing Therapy Services in Underserved Counties

Some counties in New Mexico lack adequate therapy service providers to meet the need for OT, PT and SLP services.

To review resources and request support please see the following documents:

Documentation Resources and Templates

Documentation Resources/Templates for OT, PT, SLP Services

Assistive Technology Inventory

Assistive Technology Fund

Evaluation Templates

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Speech-Language Pathology Therapy

Therapist Updates Newsletter

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Initiative

The following templates are highly recommended for use by Therapy Agencies to complete the required Therapy Agency QI Plan (due with the initial and renewal provider applications) as well as to complete the required Therapy Agency QI Annual Report. Please review the instructions included for each QI Template.

In an effort to support therapists and therapy agencies in implementing the DD Waiver Therapy Standards, the Clinical Services Bureau (CSB) has initiated a formal on-site QA review and consultation process for DD Waiver Therapy Services. One or more CSB Therapy Consultants visit the therapy agency to conduct the QA Review. This CSB Quality Review will be active at various times during the year and therapy agencies will receive further information and instructions well in advance of any on-site review. During and after the QA Review visit, a formal QA Review Summary Report is completed and technical assistance, general consultation and various clinical resources are provided as indicated.

The following is the CSB Therapy Services QA Review Tool that will be used to guide any on-site QA review and consultation process.