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Personal Support Technology

Personal Support Technology (PST) uses advanced “smart” devices in the home or workplace to support individuals to be minimally dependent on staff when possible. The use of PST will vary based on each person’s unique needs but is intended to use available devices, call systems, monitors or apps to minimize assistance or supervision by paid staff.

Typical examples of electronic monitoring devices may include but are not limited to electronic medication boxes, electrical vital sign or blood sugar monitors, automatic reminder systems and automatic calls for 911 or for provider assistance. Please see our Personal Support Technology: Exploring the Possibilities and PST FAQ and Process resources to learn more.

PST devices and systems are supplied and supported by PST Providers who are responsible for installation, education, monitoring and providing needed on call supports unless arrangements have been made with a natural support to respond when needed.

Learn More

Please visit the Developmental Disabilities Waiver Services and Supports section of our website to access the DDW service standards and learn more about accessing these services or becoming a PST provider.