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Nursing and Health Initiatives

Clinical Services Bureau is involved in a variety of nursing initiatives.

We’re Here to Help You

Dr. Ron Voorhees, DDSD Medical Director, and the Clinical Services Bureau staff are ready and able to assist you in a variety of ways. Please call us at any time with clinical questions or concerns. Have an insurance question?  Want to discuss complex medical issues for someone? Don’t understand the Standards?  Call us at any time so we can help. 1-505-841-2907 or 841-2948.  You may also call our UNM partners: The Continuum of Care project at 505-925-2350 or TEASC at 505-272-5158.

Email Mailing List

CSB maintains an up-to-date listing of emails for all DD Waiver agency nurses. Please contact CSB and your Regional Nurses with names, phone numbers and emails for new and existing nurses in your agency. The emails are used to provide critical information directly to your work or home email. Call your local Regional Office Nurse or CSB Administration at 505-841-2948 to update your contact information.

Community of Practice Call

In 2016, Dr. Voorhees initiated a Statewide DD Nursing Community of Practice monthly call. This call is held the 4th Wednesday of every month from 10 AM- 12 noon. We discuss a variety of current health topics. Physicians are available to provide consultation. We know agency nurses are busy so nurses can call in as schedules allow and participate for as long as possible. Send us your email to get on our contact list.  1-844-211-4792. Enter code: 3855646144.

Director’s Releases

Jackson Remedial Plan Related to Health & Healthcare

A federal court order in April 2015 created requirements related to health and healthcare for Jackson Class members.  Please see the following materials which were presented to nurses in August 2016.

For questions regarding this information you may call the Clinical Services Bureau at 505-841-2948.


Periodically, the Clinical Services Bureau creates and distributes ALERTS that are intended to communicate critical information to the field.  The following is a list of recent alerts:

Decision Consultation Process

DDSD supports individuals and guardians to make informed health care decisions.  The Decision Consultation process supports individuals and their health care decision makers to be knowledgeable about the risks and benefits of physician orders or recommendations from clinicians.

Like all of us, individuals and guardians may choose not to follow recommendations or orders. The Interdisciplinary Team’s (IDT) role is to provide any needed information to support informed decision making.  The IDT uses this process, led by the Case Manager to identify and provide information about risks, benefits and alternatives for medical recommendations.  The team may provide or arrange for added information or consultation to assist the decision maker.  The Decision Consultation Form is used to document the discussion and memorialize the individual’s or health care decision maker’s wishes.

Teams are reminded that there are many resources available to provide support. Please contact one of our Regional Offices if you need help or have any questions.

Read our Nursing and Health Initiatives: Decision Consultation Form document to learn more.