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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) includes both low-tech and high-tech devices that enable the individual to participate more fully in their life and community.  A variety of assistive technology devices are available for purchase.  Many therapists create low-tech devices that are uniquely suited to the individual’s needs.  The New Mexico DDW has a long standing commitment to the use of assistive technology as part of our Participatory Approach philosophy. Funding assistive technology devices is a critical element to support their use.  The Clinical Services Bureau and our statewide therapy consultant team are available for support and consultation at any time regarding the funding and use of assistive technology.


The General Assistive Technology Fund and the Budget-Based Assistive Technology Fund provide eligible individuals, families and interdisciplinary support teams with a means to purchase assistive technology.  Assistive technology devices and tools support a person with a disability to perform tasks that might otherwise not be possible.


The General Assistive Technology Fund (ATF) was established in 1998 by the Department of Health and is administered by the Clinical Services Bureau. This Fund provides grants of up to $250 per year to fund AT that supports participation in functional life activities.

Two groups of people are eligible for General ATF:

  1. Jackson Class members
  2. Any other New Mexican with an intellectual/developmental disability who is not currently allocated to the New Mexico DDW.

Eligible persons may apply for an AT grant that supports functional participation. The yearly funding cycle begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year.  Applications are accepted on a first come - first serve basis and approved requests are funded until the monies are exhausted.

Please read the General ATF Fund Application Instructions to learn the general process flow.  Then see our Assistive Technology: General ATF Fund Application Form to get started with the application process.


Budget-Based Assistive Technology Funding is available to non-Jackson Class Members who are currently allocated to the New Mexico DDW only.  This is funding for AT that supports participation in functional routines and specific life activities that are included in an individual’s ISP Visions and Outcomes.  During each annual ISP cycle, an individual or their interdisciplinary team members may request up to $250 worth of AT products and services, inclusive of a 10% administrative fee.  The individual’s case manager helps the guardian to select an assistive technology purchasing agent.  These individuals are linked to obtaining the AT funding and materials/devices through collaboration with other IDT members. Contact the individual’s case manager to begin access to this ISP funding.

Please read the Budget-Based ATF Fund Application Instructions to learn the general process flow.  Then see our Assistive Technology: Budget-Based ATF Fund Application Form to get started with the application process.

Participatory Approach Philosophy

These unique funding sources support the participatory approach philosophy to help individuals with disabilities access devices and technologies that support their participation in daily routines and specific activities. These monies allow participants, their families, therapists and other interdisciplinary team members to acquire AT that enables nearly immediate active participation.  The areas of focus for active participation are communicative interaction and physical function.  These areas support interaction with others, mobility, environmental control, recreation, work, volunteerism and community integration.

The individual's family, therapist or other team member must complete the appropriate ATF application and submit it as stated on the application. Individual grants are approved based on a functional plan for the use of appropriate assistive technologies.  The intent of the fund is to encourage the development of low-tech and light tech augmentative communication, environmental access, mobility systems and other functional AT that is not covered by other insurance or funding sources and cannot be afforded by personal means.  Additionally, the ATFs support the ISP.

Read the Assistive Technology: Participatory Approach Philosophy Guidelines to learn more.

Learn More

AT for Medication Compliance has come a long way!  New devices and concepts are being developed at an amazing rate.  Research related to medication compliance and cost savings for health care systems has fueled increased interest in this area.

Please see the Assistive Technology for Medication Compliance Resources to learn more.