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Wait List Subcommittee

The Advisory Council on Quality (ACQ) supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families is an advisory body to the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD). The ACQ has several committees and subcommittees, including the wait list subcommittee.

The wait list subcommittee stems from the goals of the Senate Memorial 20: Advisory Council on Quality to improve intake, information, referral, and community navigation. The report details recommendations for DDSD including enhancing the software currently used for the Central Registry, improving the Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DDW) infrastructure, as well as suggestions for future appropriations to shorten the waiting time to access DDW services.


The wait list subcommittee focuses on increasing systems capacity.  Since FY16, in partnership with the wait list subcommittee, DDSD has:

  • Partnered with the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics to obtain data about deaths in New Mexico to match against the Central Registry.
  • Modified the allocation process to include Allocation Fairs to provide in-person education in each region about the allocation process and what it entails.
  • Reinstated the Keeping in Touch Letter to obtain updated contact information for all persons in the Central Registry as of June 2016.
  • Reduced the amount of returned mail during the last allocation group by utilizing additional information and resources to find contact information for persons receiving an allocation.
  • Increased referral services to Medicaid (Centennial Care, Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment), Brain Injury Services Fund (BISF), and other community-based resources.
  • Increased outreach to schools, Managed Care Organizations (MCO), community agencies and partner agencies to educate about DDW eligibility.
  • Implemented an annual report at the request of Senate Bill 216 as Introduced in the 2015 Legislative Session proposed by Senator Soules.


The wait list subcommittee meets the Wednesday before the full ACQ meeting. For more information about the wait list subcommittee, please contact Cassandra DeCamp, Central Registry Unit Manager, at (505) 437-8170.