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Office of Constituent Support

The Office of Constituent Support (OCS) provides community resource and referral, team facilitation (including mediation and dispute resolution for interdisciplinary teams), and community outreach and education regarding the services and supports provided by the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division.  OCS also provides community resource and referral for community-based resources.

Community Resource and Referral

OCS assists individuals and their families to access information regarding community resources such as self-advocacy/advocacy organizations, where to find assistance with questions regarding social security, disability benefits and community resources in their area. Individuals and their families are provided information about who to contact with specific questions about services they are currently receiving or are interested in receiving. Please read the Constituent Support: Guide to Accessing Community Resources for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities for more information.

Additionally, OCS assists individuals and their families to access information regarding Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship, such as Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions. Information about Guardianship can also be obtained from the Office of Guardianship at the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council by either calling 505-841-4519 or by visiting the Guardianship Program web page.

Team Facilitation, Mediation, and the Dispute Resolution Process

OCS supports individuals and their teams, family members/guardians, and community support providers by providing Team Facilitation or Mediation when there is a disagreement or communication issue between Interdisciplinary Team Members. OCS also provides information regarding the Dispute Resolution Process - a process available to Jackson Class Members and/or their guardian when there is a disagreement regarding the individual’s Plan of Care or how the Plan of Care is being implemented.

Community Outreach

OCS participates in statewide outreach events such as the annual Southwest Conference on Disability in Albuquerque, The Arc Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference, as well as many other events. Information is distributed regarding the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division’s programs including the Family Infant Toddler Program, Developmental Disabilities Waiver and Mi Via Self-Directed Waiver, Autism and State General Funded Services.