Performance Improvement Program

The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) is a centralized public health agency serving 33 counties and 23 federally recognized tribes, pueblos and nations through four regional and 53 local public health offices, and six direct-care facilities. New Mexico’s residents are diverse in background and culture. NMDOH is dedicated to meeting the needs of the people of New Mexico by providing services that are effective and efficient and that respect the state’s rich diversity.

NMDOH uses the Strategic Planning Roadmap (SPR) to achieve its mission and strategic results. This is the agency's performance management stystem. The Office of Policy and Accountability (OPA) is responsible for coordinating the NMDOH SPR. NMDOH systematically collects and analyzes performance data to improve public health results.

The NMDOH SPR has its origin from within the Public Health Foundation’s Public Health Performance Management System framework.

The NMDOH SPR has five components:

  • Strategic Plan Indicators: A set of indicators that will measure progress on the Department’s priorities.
  • Strategic Plan Indicator Data Collection: All staff and Programs in the Department contribute to improving population health in these areas. Data is continuously collected.
  • Match Results and Targets: The use of organizational standards, targets, and results to improve public health practices.
  • Reporting Progress: The documentation and reporting of how standards and targets are met; being accountable and sharing results with everyone.
  • Review Performance and Implement Quality Improvement: An ongoing process that manages change and leads to achieving measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of policies, programs, and results.

Strategic Plan


The NMDOH Interim Strategic Plan FY20 establishes NMDOH priorities, aligns resources to address those priorities, and improves and strengthens the Department’s operations. The plan does this by setting priorities in our programs that have the greatest impact on population health, and creating a way to track our progress over time. The strategic plan covers three fiscal years, with annual updates.

Strategic Plan Progress Report


The Strategic Plan FY14-FY16 Progress Report describes the progress NMDOH and partners made toward a “Healthier New Mexico” under the NMDOH FY14-FY16 Strategic Plan. The report includes updates on topics such as: Public Health Accreditation, The Health System in New Mexico, Health Disparities and Health Equity, and the Quality Improvement and Performance Management Model, among others.

The report is organized into four main sections: Population Health, Health Systems, Workforce, and Accountability. Each section includes Results, Indicators, and Performance Measures that were part of the FY14-FY16 Strategic Plan.

Results Scorecard

The NMDOH Results Scorecard shows our progress toward a Healthier New Mexico. You can use the Scorecard to learn about the actions we are taking to carry out our Strategic Plan. The Scorecard shows what we are doing and how well we are doing it.The NMDOH Performance Management System uses the Results Scorecard Annual FY18 as a performance dashboard to communicate and facilitate transparency and accountability by sharing up-to-date information on the agency’s performance. Results Scorecard helps our workforce improve performance and create a more beneficial impact for everyone. Results Scorecard informs management and planning decisions, and demonstrates to our partners the progress we are making toward a Healthier New Mexico.

To review our progress during FY18, the first year of the current Strategic Plan, view the Results Scorecard Annual FY18

To review our progress during the most current quarter of the current fiscal year (FY19), view the Strategic Plan Progress Report FY19-Q4.

Quality Improvement


NMDOH is committed to developing and expanding a culture of continuous quality improvement to ensure the provision of high quality services that will improve the health of our state. Evidence of this commitment is the formal inclusion of Quality Improvement (QI) as a key component of NMDOH’s Performance Management System. Quality Improvement is an integral part of a learning organization: using data when making decisions to improve policies, programs, and outcomes.

NMDOH maintains a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) to provide guidance about how to improve quality throughout the organization. The QIP describes the processes and activities that will be put into place to achieve measurable improvements in performance, outcomes, and the effectiveness and efficiency of programs.

The QIP is under review by the QI Council, which was re-established in 2017.

Key Performance Measures Report

Performance Accountability is required by the Accountability in Government Act (AGA), which states that agencies should be evaluated for their performance in achieving desired outputs and outcomes and in efficiently operating programs. The AGA provides state government the framework to produce more cost-effective and responsive government services by using the state budget process. (Performance Based Budgeting)

Since at least 1999, when the state legislature enacted the AGA, NMDOH has embraced accountability as a value and a responsibility to the people we serve. NMDOH demonstrates performance accountability by reporting quarterly on agency performance measures. Historically, NMDOH published the Key Performance Measures Report on a quarterly basis. This information is now available online through the Results Scorecard.