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Logo Graphics

Email Art Director André Walker to request copies of the NMHealth logo.

The New Mexico Department of Health has recently updated our brand with a more contemporary look and feel that is both authentic and distinct. Our brand conveys a story only we can tell about the essence of our organization; who we are, why we exist, why we do our work and how we uniquely make change.

Logo Usage

There are some guidelines for using the NMHealth logo, below are the most important to remember:

  • Use only the logos that you receive from NMHealth Art Director André Walker.
  • All previous versions of the NMDOH logo are obsolete.
  • Do not alter the logo (no additions, deletions, substitutions, or modifications).
  • Always resize the logo proportionally (this can often be done by holding down the shift key. Never compress or stretch to fit.
  • Do not recreate the logo art.

Full guidelines are available in our Brand Guide.

How to Obtain Logo Art

Email Art Director André Walker with questions or to request a copy of the NMHealth logo.