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The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) is one of the executive branch agencies of the State of New Mexico. To ensure health equity, we work with our partners to promote health and well-being and improve health outcomes for all people in New Mexico.

The Department consists of eight (8) Divisions which include the Public Health Division, Epidemiology & Response Division, Scientific Laboratory Division, Developmental Disabilities Supports Division, Division of Health Improvement (Health Facility & Certification), Administrative Services Division, Office of Facilities Management, and Medical Cannabis Division.

The Office of Facilities Management oversees seven 24-7 facilities throughout the state that provide long-term, rehabilitative, behavioral health and drug treatment programs. Our primary responsibility is to assess, monitor and improve the health of New Mexicans.

The Department provides a statewide system of Health Promotion and Community Health Improvement, Chronic Disease Prevention, Infectious Disease Prevention, Injury Prevention and other Public Health services. Prevention and early intervention strategies are implemented through the Department's local Public Health Offices and contracts with community providers.

The health care system is strengthened through Department activities including contracted Primary and Rural Health care services, school-based health centers, Emergency Medical Services, Scientific Laboratory services, Vital Records and Health Statistics.

If you need information about the Department of Health and the services it provides, you can call the Cabinet Secretary's Office at 1-833-796-8773.